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Publications & Abstracts

     The following is a listing of Safe Water publications (listed in order by first author's last name) and Safe Water abstracts (listed in chronological order). To view the presentation or abstract, just click on its title.

Daniels N, Simons L, Rodrigues A, Gunnlaugsson G, Forester T, Wells J, Hutwagner L, Tauxe R, Mintz E. First do no harm: making oral rehydration solution (ORS) safer in a cholera epidemic. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1999; 60: 1051-5.

Macy J, Quick R. Evaluation of a novel water treatment and storage intenvention in Nicaragua. Pan American Journal of Public Health 1998; 3:135-6.

Mintz E, Reiff F, Tauxe R. Safe water treatment and storage in the home: A practical new strategy to prevent waterborne disease. Journal of the American Medical Association 1995; 273: 948-953.

Quick R, Venczel L, Gonzalez O, Mintz E, Highsmith A, Espada A, Damiani E, Bean N, De Hannover R, Tauxe R. Narrow-mouthed water storage vessels and in situ chlorination in a Bolivian community: a simple method to improve drinking water quality. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1996; 54: 511-516.

Quick R, Venczel L, Mintz E, Soleto L, Aparicio J, Gironaz M, Hutwagner L, Greene K, Bopp C, Maloney K, Chavez D, Sobsey M, Tauxe R. Diarrhea prevention in Bolivia through point-of-use disinfection and safe storage: a promising new strategy. Epi Infect 1999; 122: 83-90.

Reiff F, Roses M, Venczel L, Quick R, Will V. Low cost safe water for the world: a practical interim solution. Health Policy 1996; 17: 389-408.

Rowe A, Angulo F, Roberts L, Tauxe R. Chlorinating well water with liquid bleach was not an effective water disinfection strategy in Guinea-Bissau. International Journal of Envirnomental Health Research 1998; 8: 339-40.

Semenza J, Roberts L, Henderson A, Bogan J, Rubin C. Water distribution system and diarrheal disease transmission: a case study in Uzbekistan. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1998; 59: 941-6.

Sobel J, Mahon B, Mendoza C, Passaro D, Cano F, Baier K, Racioppi F, Hutwagner L, Mintz E. Reduction of fecal contamination of street-vended beverages in Guatemala by a simple system for water purification and storage, handwashing, and beverage storage. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1998; 59: 380-387.

Tauxe R, Mintz E and Quick R. Epidemic Cholera in the New World: Translating Field Epidemiology into New Prevention Strategies. Emerging Infectious Diseases; 1:141-146.

Thevos A, Quick R and Yanduli V. Motivational interviewing enhances the adoption of water disinfection practices in Zambia. Health Promotion International 2000: 15:207-214.

Dunne E, Angoran Y, Kamelan-Tano K, Toussaint S, Monga B, Kouadiou L, Roels T, Wiktor S, Lackritz E, Mintz E, Luby S. Is drinking water in Abidjan, C�te D'Ivoire safe for infant formula? 49th annual EIS conference. April, 2000.

Luby S, Agboatwalla M, Raza A, Mintz E, Sobel J, Hussain S, Husan R, Ghouri F, Baier K, Gangarosa G. Microbiologic evaluation and community acceptance of a plastic water storage vessel, point-of-use water treatment, and handwashing in Karachi, Pakistan. 47th Annual EIS Conference. April, 1998.

Quick R, et al. A new strategy for waterborne disease transmission. 23rd Water, Engineering and Development Centre Conference. Durban, South Africa, 1997.




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