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Safe Water System

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Safe Water System


     The Safe Water System is a water quality intervention that employs simple, inexpensive and robust technologies appropriate for the developing world. The objective is to make water safe through disinfection and safe storage at the point of use. The basis of the intervention is:


Sodium hypochlorite solution
Left to right: Madagascar, Peru, Zambia, Bolivia.
(Point-of-use treatment)



Point-of-use treatment of contaminated water using sodium hypochlorite solution purchased locally and produced in the community from water and salt using an electrolytic cell;


Water Vessel
(Safe Water Storage)

Safe water storage in plastic containers with a narrow mouth, lid, and a spigot to prevent recontamination;


Motivational Interviewing
(Behavior Change)




Behavior change techniques, including social marketing, community mobilization, motivational interviewing, communication, and education, to increase awareness of the link between contaminated water and disease and the benefits of safe water, and to influence hygiene behaviors including the purchase and proper use of the water storage vessel and disinfectant.



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