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Maharashtra State - Health Status

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The National Leprosy Control Programme was launched in the year 1954-55. After the avail- ability of more effective combination of Anti Leprosy Drugs, the programme was redesignated as National Leprosy Eradication Programme in 1981-82. The prevalence rate of 62.4 /10,000 in 1981 was reduced to 3.1 /10,000 in 2001 due to the multi drug therapy (MDT) The World Bank supported this activity as a Project from 1993. The programme is monitored by the Joint Director of Health Services, located at Pune.

Organisational Structure


  • To achieve elimination stage in the State by 2004.
  • To integrate NLEP with general health care services.
  • To sustain the achievements gained.

Infrastructure available:


Survey Education Treatment Units (SET)


(a) State Government  979


(b) Local Bodies  970


(c)  Vol. Orgn. 232


TOTAL: 218


Leprosy Control Units 42


Urban Leprosy Centres  235


Sup. Urban Lep. Units  23


Mobile Lep. Tret. Units  21


Reconstr. Surg. Units.  11


Govt. Lep. Hospitals  3


Lep. Trgn. Centres  7


Temp. Hosp. Wards  23


NGO  55

Use of effective combination of drugs has brought down the prevalence rate of Leprosy from 62.4/per 10,000 population in 1981 to 3.1 /per 10,000 by March 2001.

Steps to enhance the Programme in

  1. Integration of NLEP with general health care services.

    1. As per norms, 378 L. Ts. and 126 NMS handed over to l.P.

    2. Remaining L. Ts. and NMS are posted in uncovered urban areas.

    3. Area of LCU handed over to l.P.

    4. Remaining staff of LCU posted for Disease Surveillance Cell.

  1. Establishment of State Leprosy Society. The Society has been formed under the chairmanship of Secretary, Public Health,
  2. Capacity building:
  1. Training of M.O. & Health Staff for 3 days.
  2. Training in IEC & Counselling.
  3. Training for VRC for one day.
  4. Training in prevention of deformity for 5 days.
  5. Basic Training to M.O. and NMS.
  6. Reorientation training of L. T.
  7. Training in General Health Care of Leprosy staff for two weeks.
  1. Organization of reconstructive surgery camps.
  2. Organization of IEC activities.

Special Campaign to encourage voluntary reporting

In order to detect the hidden cases of leprosy, a campaign is organised from 2nd to 31st October every year since 1997-98. The campaign has following objectives.
  • To create awareness about leprosy and seek community involvement
  • To orient the staff working at the Voluntary Reporting Centers (VRC)
  • To examine the suspected cases and treat finally diagnosed.
  • I. E. C. activities are carries out by using electronic and print media



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