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Maharashtra State - Health Status

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Public Health Laboratory Services

The State has Public Health laboratories situated at State, Regional and District Level. The State Level Laboratory at Pune is also recognized as Central Food Laboratory. The two Regional Laboratories are located at Aurangabad and Nagpur. 27 Districts are having District Public Health Laboratories.

 Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure


  1. To examine water samples chemically and bacteriologically for potability.
  2. To examine samples of blood, stool and vomit for isolation of enteric pathogens.
  3. To organize Health Education and Training Activities to create public awareness for detecting adulteration.
  4. To carry out analysis of food samples under prevention of food adulteration Act.
  5. To analyze samples of sewage, trade waste and effluent for statutory control of environmental pollution.

  1. Monitoring of Bacteriological quality of water
    Water quality is regularly monitored in urban and rural areas. The consolidated monthly information of all non- potable water samples in urban and rural areas are sent to the Sec. U.D. & R.D.D. 

    Urban Area - 22 Municipal councils & 15 Corporations have been given targets for sending water samples on population basis. The samples should be taken, one from the source and four from distribution

    Rural Area - Each Primary Health Center is given target to send minimum 10 samples per month
  2. Chemical examination of water, bleaching powder, alum, waste water and industrial effluents
  3. Control and prevention of epidemic due to water born diseases.
  4. Food adulteration
  5. Investigation of food poisoning cases

Role as Central Food Laboratory

In 1976 , the State Public Health Laboratory, Pune was notified by Govt. of India as Central Food. Laboratory and is performing following functions as per PFA Act 1954.

  1. To examine statutory samples of food received from various courts and Port Health Officers.
  2. To analyze samples of food sent by any Officer or authority authorized by Central Government. 
  3. To do investigations for purpose of fixation of standards of any article of food.
  4. To participate in various investigations and collaborative work with other institutions.
  5. To take active participation in various sub committees of central committee of Food Standards.



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