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Maharashtra State - Health Status

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Health Intelligence & Vital Statistics

Health Services are mainly concerned with the well being of general masses. The availability of the Statistics related to health schemes is essential for planning & monitoring the impact of various services designed for improvement in the health status. Considering this need the responsibility of collection, compilation of civil registration data was entrusted to a separate Bureau of Vital Statistics in the year 1964. The epidemiological data were also compiled by this Bureau. After the integration of preventive & curative health services, the responsibility to handle hospital statistics & related matters was entrusted to the Bureau in the year 1970. Consequently the Bureau of Vital Statistics was recognized as State Bureau of Health Intelligence & Vital Statistics (SBHI & VS) from the year 1976 and is based at Pune.

Organisational Structure

The main functions of the S.B.H.I. & V.S. are

  1. Collection
  2. Compilation
  3. Publication of comprehensive vital statistics for the entire State & maintaining liaison with the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, Director General of Health Services, Registrar General of India and State Directorates.
  1. Development of a sound Civil Registration System (C.R.S.)
    As per the provision of the Registration of Birth & Death Act 1969, information regarding births, deaths and still births is reported by the concerned parents / relatives of household or I/c of institution, police station, officer to the local registrar of Births & Deaths. In Maharashtra, the registration work is going on in 40,448 inhabited villages, 230 Municipal Councils, 15 Corporations, 7 Cantonment Boards & 4 Ordinance Factories. However, out of them, 98% rural units & 100% urban units submit monthly reports to the Bureau by 10th of following month. After receipt of monthly reports, further processing of data is done in Data Processing Unit.

    In Maharashtra, implementation of Revamped Civil Registration System Rules 2000 have been introduced, from April 2000. Civil Registration System was conducted during the year 2000.

Recording efficiency during last 5 years:




1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

Recording efficiency (Births)

79% 80% 81% 83% 91% (Prov.)

Recording efficiency (Deaths)

70% 64% 74% 62% 72% (Prov.)
  1. Monitoring of Medical Certification of Cause of Death (M.C.C.D.):
    In Maharashtra, this scheme is extended in all Urban areas as well as Rural Hospitals. The cause of death certified by Physician is recorded in the International form of Medical Certification. Up to 5th of every month, these forms are sent to the local Municipal authorities for onward submission to this Bureau. At the end of 1999, the percentage receipt of M.C.C.D. forms was 60% against total deaths occurred in urban area.
  2. Survey of Cause of Deaths (Rural) (S.C.D.)
    Presently, this scheme is implemented in 600 Hq. Villages of Primary Health Centres in the State. The main objective of this scheme is to obtain pattern of various causes of death prevailing in rural areas. The workers at H.Q. are supposed to collect the information of Births, Deaths Signs & symptoms of diseased person. Symptoms are certified by Medical Officer, P.H.C., as per the list prepared by Registrar General of India. By the end of 2000,92% Births and 81% Deaths have been recorded in the Survey of Cause of Deaths (Rural).
  3. Health Management information System (H.M.I.S)

    Compilation of Monthly Indicatorwise performance under all Health Programmes is reported by the PHCs to Districts and to Regional level and the consolidated report is received at the State Level. Fixed Dates have been indicated for collection and compilation of the information and Reports are received through Courier System.

    The information is analysed critically, quantitywise and qualitywise. The feed back is given at various levels for improving the performance.



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