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Filaria is one of the major Public Health Problems in India. The National Filaria Control Programme was launched in 1957 based on the findings of one man commission report. The programme is monitored by the Joint Director Of Health Services (Malaria), located at Pune.

Main activity of National Filaria Control Unit is to control vector density by spraying larvicides, Weekly time/ place schedule covers all breeding places of National Filaria Control Units area. Assessment Survey is carried out for confirming the efficacy of anti-larval operation. Microfilaria and diseased patients thus detected are treated with DEC tablets.

At present, 10 Night Clinics are working in Maharashtra. The population covered under each filaria clinic is about 50,000. 100% detection & treatment is carried out in Night Clinic.

The Filaria Research cum Training Centre was established in 1965 at Wardha. Then Research cum Training Centre shifted at Nagpur in 1993. This institution was started with a view to give initial training to the peripheral staff. At present basic training is given to Entomological Assistant / Laboratory Technician / Filaria Inspector / Insect Collector / Sup. Field Worker.


As per revised control strategy safe & cost effective filariasis control method has become available now. Instead of 12 days cumbersome drug regime with DEC a single day mass treatment once a year has been found equally effective in controlling transmission.

The adoption of new strategy has eliminated Lymphatic Filariasis in countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea & Solomon Islands & markedly reduced filaria infection in China. During 1996, in Maharashtra single day mass DEC treatment was started in the districts of Gadchiroli & Bhandara.

The Surveys carried out are based on random sample basis. 16 National Filaria Control Units & 10 Filaria Clinics give protection to 60.27 lakh population. However, 36.33 lakh population which is having Micro filaria (Mf) rate more than 4 is still unprotected.



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